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Default A new permission nets some more silver.

I was invited by my hunting buddy, to hunt a permission that he scored a couple of weeks ago while out sight seeing with his wife. So, today we headed over to the place about an hour from my house, to see if this old place would produce. The pictures tell a little history about the old house, our excitement was soon tempered by reality within the first hour 😞

The majority of finds were modern trash and clad, nothing what we had envisioned finding at a place surrounded by so much history. I finally scored a wheat which told me the place hadn't been hunted completely out by previous metal detectorist. Three wheats and 40 minutes later I finally score a silver rosie, 1964 🙂 Well, it wasn't a complete loss after all. I hunted my way closer to the house and picked up a couple of Colorado tax tokens, it's always a treat to score a token or 2.

While my buddy was talking to the owner of the place, I decided to go back over an area I had hunted before and was rewarded with a 42 Washington quarter. Jimmy was not having a good day at all, he could not get his coil over anything worthwhile the entire morning. The owner had given us permission to hunt the old place next door, so we decided to go see if it might improve his luck somewhat. did for me anyway lol...first target was a wheat and within 10 minutes I dug my second Washington quarter.

I was scanning along the sidewalk and got a nice soft repeatable 28-29, down at 8 1/2" out comes what I thought was a Mexican coin, turned out to be a large brass token. A couple more wheaties were found before we needed to head out for the hour long drive for me and 2 1/2 drive for my buddy.

We think that this small old town has been targeted in the past, especially the Dolan house, not one find dated the place and nothing there was deep. We did see a picture of the house back in the day, could be fill was brought in at some point and the older stuff was buried beyond the range of the machines.

Not a bad day overall, went home with some silver and some cool tokens to add to my stash. My settings were what I normally run when my time is limited and I want to maximize my hunt time.



Tone break set to 22

Pitch set at 2 from -9 to 21

Recovery 3

Iron bias 0

Field 2

I'm debating whether or not to sell the 800 and just use the 600, for my type of hunting the 600 performs like a champ and gives the 800 a run for it's money.
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