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Originally Posted by T-Man View post
Even that's would be a good hunt for me lately. I moved in Sept of last year and hit my yard twice and an open field once Hopefully 2021 I can get back to swinging again.
I definitely think 2020 has been a down year for a lot of folks for a lot of reasons - Iím with you, hoping you can get out more soon, and that 2021 brings easier times for you and everyone. In the meantime, Iím going to keep on swinging and finish out 2020, and continuing enjoying whatever the hunt brings!

Originally Posted by KenG View post
Any coin is a good hunt to me. You really got me going on the quarter. I was pulling for it to be good. But then, Nice read. Thanks for sharing.


P.S. Ready for Covid to be gone too.
Thanks Ken, glad you enjoyed it! Obviously, that quarter had me going, too But despite the disappointment that it wasnít something with age, I still had fun - itís a memorable story to tell and I enjoyed sharing it. Plus, itís definitely the deepest quarter Iíve found so far, so I learned a little bit about how a deep quarter will sound on the machine. If it doesnít come out silver, you gotta find the silver lining, right?

Originally Posted by Gumshoe View post
Good to see you have a sense of humor about it, and I was genuinely let down that quarter was clad
Not half as let down as I was, I bet But itís all good - you gotta find some enjoyment in both the ups and downs of the hobby, and itís easy to find the humor in this situation! I figure itís pay back for the time I found a Barber quarter just an couple inches below the surface

Originally Posted by Gumshoe View post
But, I'm completely with you about 2020. This is my 3rd worst year hunting, only better than my rookie campaign and a year that I was so tied up with work that I only got out a handful of times.
Yep, Iím right with you. In my case, my raw coin numbers are ok...theyíre good enough that if I keep going at this pace through the end of the year, itíll be a run of the mill year. My total silver coins found, number of wheats, clad count, etc are all on target. The underlying problem is the age of those coins is down...most of my (few) silvers are rosies, and IHPs are way down. I like coins, but Iím really after interesting relics that I can research to discover some lost history...and what Iím noticing this year is that with the lack of good permissions, interesting relics are very few and far between in my pouch.

Originally Posted by Gumshoe View post
And, like you, the vast majority (like around 100%) of my hunting is via door knocking. With covid and the current political climate I just haven't been as comfortable, and have gotten a much higher % of no's than in years past.
I think weíre on exactly the same page on this one!


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