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Default I almost passed on this one

I have been hunting parkland in Milwaukee that once was a sledding hill. I have found a number of silver dimes, both Mercs and Rosieís, a couple of buffaloes and a handful of Wheaties. The other day I came across a 1907 IHP and then a 1908 barber dime. The dime was in really bad shape, both crusty and bent. These finds told me that prior to this area being County park land it was probably farmland.

Today after finding another Merc (1942), I had a signal that I didnít think was a coin. It was ringing 33-37 on my Nox 600. Usually these numbers donít turn up a good find for me. I figured, what the heck, and dug anyway. Up turned a coin I have never found even though I have been at this for forty years. If you are from Wisconsin you know, this is a fairly rare find. I had to sit down for a while after this...

This is my entry for the old coin contest in Wisconsin. 1847 braided hair large cent.

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2021 YTD: 34 silver coins, 3 buff, 1 large cent, 1 IHP, 3 sterling
2020 YTD: 103 silver coins, 5 IHP, 1 two cent piece, 4 V-nickels, 9 buffalos, 3 sterling, 24K gold ring

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