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Originally Posted by ScaredOfClowns View post
That would have got my hopes up, too - visions of old copper dancing in my head. Bummer about the letdown!

The parks dept must have fertilized that lawn regularly to turn a clad quarter that green.

The old Canadian cent and toys are still very cool - I'd still be happy with that hunt.
Yep, I still had fun on the hunt and enjoyed finding the KG VI and the motorcycle...heck, even the quarter is a fun story that Iím sure Iíll be telling in the future!

Youíre probably right about the fertilizer. In fact, in hindsight, the quarter was laying on top of a denser, almost clay-like layer - it was probably marinating in a fertilizer slurry as the same clay layer that stopped the quarter from sinking any further also kept the rain soaked fertilizer from draining any deeper.

Originally Posted by Soil Surgeon View post
Next time ! Great story and photos .
Thanks Soil! No doubt - now I know what 10Ē quarters sound like on my Equinox...Iím gonna start making Capped Bust quarters fly out of the ground :


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