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The wireless signal on the AT Max submerged will not work with the MS-3 wireless headphones. The AT Max is also not a very good salt water beach detector. Your Equinox is a much better choice for that work. For wet and dry saltwater sand I would also prefer the Nokta Makro Simplex or the Garrett APEX over the AT Max.

For raw depth as in I get a response swinging over a 12" coin sized or bigger moderate to mild iron mineralization the AT Max can definitely do that. It won't tell you what the target is but it will hit it for sure.

I am not a fan of the AT Max over driven audio either. It created too many iffy tones for me that were a blend of all three tones on a single target. I did enjoy using the AT Gold for many years and found it to be an excellent detector with much clearer and less blended audio. Both the AT Max and AT Gold have nauseating iron audio however which has virtually no adjustment. The Equinox has much better adjustable iron audio both in volume and pitch. The Garrett APEX and Nokta Makro Simplex also have adjustable iron volume controls that far exceed those on the AT Max for leas than half the price of the AT Max.

I have used MS-3 Z Lynk headphones and transmitters for years. They are a fantastic alternative to wired headphones. They sound great with the Garrett APEX and I use them with my Garrett 24K, Vanquish 440 and my Minelab pulse induction detectors.

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