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I received my gift from Coinshark on Monday, Dec 21! I was planning on posting this the very next day, but a "quick" 4 hour trip turned into a 3-night trip when a Minnesota snow blizzard came through. The Lord kept us safe, and we arrived back home safely on Christmas Eve.

Rick sent me a really cool package with lots to enjoy! In the first image there is a nice Civil War bullet in amazing shape (I've always wanted one of these!), a bunch of wheaties, a buffalo nickel, an IHP, 5 silver Rosies, & a standing liberty quarter!
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Pictured in the second image is a 1974-75 US mint set, a bicentennial quarter, a Mississippi tax token, and a bunch of foreign coins from countries he has been to.
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The last pic has everything. The items I haven't mentioned yet are the book on metal detecting, a pack of golf balls, a shovel holster, and a really nice note. Thank you again, Rick, for the very thoughtful gift! The coins are great additions to my collection, and the book will be nice to read during the cold, Minnesota winter months, while I wait till summer to use my golf balls!
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Matthew 6:19-21 ~ 2021: 61 Clad coins ($2.98) ~ 2 Wheats ~ 2 Silver Coins
Totals: 770 Clad Coins ($48.79) ~ Wheats: 5 ~ Silver Coins: 2

2 Tokens ~ 5 Foreign ~ Oldest Coin: 1945 Wheatie
Garrett Treasure Ace 300 ~ Harbor Freight 9 Function ~ BH Jr ~ GP-Pointer
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