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Default My Garrett went haywire

I picked up a new garrett two weeks ago. I was shown how to detune for accuracy. That part quit today. I turn it on and it goes full vibrate, non stop. A new battery didn't help, neither did a second one. I tested both batteries when I got home both were full charged. I leave next Saturday for an 8 state vacation, without a pointer. I am sure it will be replaced as I hear warranty is good, but I doubt that I can get one shipped to oregon before I leave. I saw on another post that it can do haywire if you push too hard on tip. If that is true, Garrett needs to re-design. How hard is too hard?? I actually didn't see a large improvement from the Bullseye except for side scan, the Garrett is much better on that. Or did I just plain get a totally bad one??
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