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Although it does not have PI for easy pinpointing, you can still get a fairly accurate pinpoint with VLF using the X method. If you're using the standard BH 8" concentric coil, the inner smaller coil is what will sound off when it hits the edge of the target. When you want to pinpoint, switch to All Metal and sweep across your target left to right then right to left a number of times to determine the approximate size and edges of target. Mark the area by eye where you are repeatedly picking up the target. Then turn 90 degrees and sweep your coil again in the same fashion and follow the same steps. The area where you get a good solid hit in both swing directions should be the center of the X and that is your approximate target location. It takes some practice, but is not that difficult with a little experience. My Tracker IV does not have PI and I have very little problems pinpointing an object. The only difficulties come in high trash areas, but that will cause a problem with any detector. Good luck.

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