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Originally Posted by DougF View post
Nice numbers, KT. Just curious, how are the yearly totals trending? I would guess gradually downward. I did a little half searching back in 2007, just asking for rolls, no boxes. Found a few 90%, and some 40%, but didn't get into it further. I think silver back then was around 10-12 dollars per ounce.

That is a difficult question for KT to answer. When KT started CRHing back in early 2012 He was getting 5 boxes a week and that continued until 2020 when early in the year, the bank limited access to the Lobby and therefore CRHing came to a stand still. When it started back up in March of 2021, KT was limited to only 2 boxes for reasons previously stated. So it is very difficult without a full analysis to say that silver was declining, on the rise, or holding even keel on the recovery by KT. If this year which was less than 40 weeks and about 40% of the previous full year of number of boxes hunted is compared to 2019, then KT thinks the take is about the same percentagewise for the number of coins hunted. But since 2012, KT has seen the recovery increase then slowly decrease during the 5 box years, but never get a lot higher or lower....KT is uncertain if He has answered your question to your liking, but rest assured, KT's Royal Coffers still grow significantly every year!

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