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I tried.....

Last year I had a Bald Eagle stop in to feast on a woodchuck I'd shot and tossed in the road for the buzzards. All I had handy was my phone, which takes pretty poor pictures, so while I did manage to capture the event, the results were less than stellar.

This last weekend I had shot another woodchuck and tossed it in the road. HE CAME BACK! I was excited, because this time I was able to grab a much better camera. Much to my chagrin my view was obstructed by some brushy weeds along the road. I moved to a location where I had a clear path to him, but about that time a car came by and scared him off.

I did take a couple shots from the obstructed position, but they're not what I was hoping to get. My quest continues. Good thing I have at least one more woodchuck on the property to entice him with.

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