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Originally Posted by Carol K Since summer is on the way, you are going to experience people coming up and trying to talk to you and ask what you're doing. How do you handle these busybodies? What do you say?

For instance, we were out detecting a beach and two young ladies came over and asked if I was looking for radioactive material!

Several times we have been accused of "clamming" in the off season.

Let's hear some things that people have said to you, asked you, or some funny experiences.
The best comment I received was when I was hunting the Univ of Oregon. A young student, who appeared to be of Asian desent, approached me and asked in all seriousness if I were looking for "land mines". I said no and explained a little bit on the hobby of metal detecting. I wolud imagine that where she might have come from the searching for land mines was a common practice.

Retired from United Airlines . Been metal detecting for over 30 years, mostly in the Eugene Oregon area. I use a White's DFX with a Sun Ray dx Probe

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