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Originally Posted by AirmetTango View post
I immediately started snapping pictures, as my mind raced through the possibilities...not quite the right size or heft for a US Largie - must be a token or medal, or maybe a Canadian Largie??

I packed up right away so I could go pick up my girls, but I was excited enough that I took that beautiful greenie out of my pouch and brought it into the front seat with me in the hopes of spotting some detail as it dried to get a hint on an ID. Well, I hadnít gone more than a half mile before my house of cards came tumbling down. First, as I handled the edges of the coin, I wore off enough crud to reveal a reeded edge...Ēuh ohĒ, I thought, because I canít think of a single reeded copper coin:
The final dagger came once I got home and I was able clear off more of the crud to reveal the date: 1965.

Yep. Iím ready for 2020 to be over.
Oh man. That is quite the ride. I was right there with you, through the pictures, too. Great write-up, and heartfelt heartsink. That's too bad. It looked good!


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