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I understand the used machine reluctance. Knowing the seller or having the manufacturer or a reliable 3rd party check out a machine helps a lot. New machines are best for sure. Check with several dealers for best prices. Dealer agreements prevent them from advertising prices below list and some do sell below list. My understanding is they can tell you what they are selling for they just cannot put it in print. You have to ask in person or by phone.

With the salt beach and shallow water hunting, you really want a multi-frequency machine or PI. PI have little if any ID and greater depth meaning digging more trash. Trashy beaches may be unhuntable with a PI as the amount of sound is unacceptable.

Minelab's Excal II and the Fisher CZ21 are the most popular units and have a large number of dedicated fans. It would be hard to go wrong with either one and they are pretty close in cost at around $1,000.

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