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Here's the situation, I have two M6 setups with both the 9.5 stock coil and a Eclipse 4x6 dd coil. One has been sitting in the the closet for over 10 years and the other I have used the piss out of. Last year, after a long break from hunting, I took my M6 out and it immediately went into overload. I could not raise the gain into the plus zone. I always used it to the max without issues. So I took the other 4x6 coil that may have an hour at the most of usage and hooked it up...the same issue...overload. So I took out the other M6 that also barely had an hour usage and tried both 4x6 coils on it...same thing....overload!!!
The 9.5 coils still work great on both M6's. What's the gist???
Is there a shelf live on the 4x6 coils??? After 10 years they go bad???
Worst part of it all...Whites is out of business and Garrett has no interest in keeping coils available.

Whites M6 and Surfmaster PI

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