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KingTotsalot 04-04-2021 06:40 PM

Easter MDing story
Easter always brings KT back to rememberances of His Royal Detecting was a week after Easter in 2011 and KT was a new detectorist out on a hunt at a large public park on the south side of the Arkansas River. Was searching a major sand-filled play area with a lot of equipment and spied a yellow plastic egg....had seen several halves earlier in the day, but this one was different. It was unopened. KT thought, maybe there is some candy in it, wonder if it is still edible? (Having been detecting for a couple of hours, His Majesty was getting hungry!) It was near the base of a platform slide where the ladder goes up. KT swung his detector near it and got a stong signal! Picked it up and shook it....rattling noises! Opened it up and behold! 4 shiny new quarters! How in the world could those kiddies have missed it??:?:

No matter, it was KT's now! :laughing::laughing:

Anyone else have an Easter related detecting story to tell??

Goat88 04-05-2021 08:31 AM

I was in a wooded park, a few years ago, a couple months before easter. Got a good signal and dug an easter egg from the ground that had 3 quarters in it. Looked like at least a few years old and it was a couple inches down. Thats it for me on easter egg hunts with the detector.

cellrdwellr 04-05-2021 08:39 AM

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I found this in August of 2015 :laughing: yup 4 months after easter!
My best paper money find to date. I was detecting a ball field, and saw it up against a chain link fence bordering the woods. Hope you all had a happy easter!

jruckman38 04-05-2021 01:52 PM

I have found a few over the years with money in them no bills just quarters.

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