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goodtom 10-03-2020 09:23 PM

Gold in quartz
Hello to all!
I have a question for you experienced detectorists. It has to do with finding gold embedded in Quartz.
How deep will the average metal detector detect gold in Quartz? I have a special spot I go that contains a lot of Quartz. The size of the Quartz I find varies from 5-30 inches in diameter; sometimes larger. I've waved my detector over most of this Quartz. I've never received a sound that alerted me that gold may be within. I've never crushed this Quartz down to smaller sizes. I want to avoid doing so whenever possible.
I appreciate anything that will better educate me on this subject.
Thank you! Tom (goodtom)

metaladdict 10-04-2020 12:31 AM

I think most detectors will detect gold if it's large enough,but not more than 9 inches to 12.
The Minelab Gpx will go deepest.
Opinions will vary.

Skippy SH13 10-08-2020 09:40 PM

agreed. A decent mid-range detector should detect gold (especially if it's made for it... the frequency matters).

The smaller the gold, the closer you have to be, of course, but it'll pick it up.

The hard part will be the fact that it'll also pick up OTHER minerals, such as iron. Extremely small gold ("pickers" for example) will ring up very low on the conductivity range, and sound much like iron.

If you're in a heavy iron-pyrite area, it's going to be tough.



yooper69 11-10-2020 04:14 PM

Minelab GPX series will definitely tell you if gold is present. Living in Arizona i would definitely buy one. Got a buddy who has one out there and does really well with it.

The Jersey Digger 11-18-2020 12:05 PM

I am in Phoenix and hunt in the Bradshaws often if you ever want to detect...

REDOC 01-14-2022 10:04 PM

Have a sister that lives in Chandler. Man would like to bring my 4500 down der Jersy Digger and get a lesson. Foothills of CA. Would like to try mine out on a good ol large sheet of bedrock. Also would love to see how the ol 800 acts out in the desert.

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