Ornate Iron Whatzit and Old Toothpaste Tube


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Mar 6, 2012
Southern West Virginia
The XP ORX is so lite and compact that I carried it with me on 1st day of deer season. Just it, a trowel and pinpointer tucked in my coat. About an hour before dark I headed back to truck and swung around a trash dump where I’ve found a 1911 wheat Penny and pocket watch part in the past. Today I found a compact lid, a couple of headstamps including a 1923 US Climax and a toothpaste tube top embossed Lady Grey Toothpaste. I can find no info on it, have you seen one before or have info?
But the best find was a rock outcropping where I thought a hunter in times past may have sat.
Under three inches of moss I found these two iron pieces that seem to fit together. There are two bolts that would have held the ‘basket’ to the ‘ornate trivit’.
I would appreciate any thoughts on it
And, no, didn’t see a deer and rarely do cause I’m busy scratching in dumps and carrying detectors around………
Pretty nice finds you got there. The iron piece looks familiar but I just can't put my finger on it at the moment, maybe it will come to me. Never heard of Lady Grey Toothpaste either.
Wow that's pretty awesome. It's always strange to me that they put so much design and decorations on items such as toothpaste or talcum powder back in those days.
Congrats on the multi-tasking! You managed to accomplish two kinds of hunting at once... even if one occupied more of your attention than the other. ;) Nice finds!
Interesting fact: Talcum powder used to contain asbestos, as they both form in similar environments and are difficult to separate. Cool relics!
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