Nice token today!


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Sep 22, 2023
Besides a few Oklahoma tax tokens this is my first token from a business. It rang up like silver and when I dug it it got me excited because I first saw the size of the token and I thought it was at least a half dollar. Although it wasn't a silver coin it was a pretty cool fine for me.

A flipping swastika? Good value Club? That was the sign of peace until Hitler. Crazy stuff we find dirt fishing.

Mark in Michigan
@ markinmichigan... that was originally a native american good luck symbol. the nazis turned it 45 degrees and it became their symbol.

And NICE token there TDM!
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Congrats on a very cool token, and in great shape to boot. That emblem was around way before it became the Nazi call sign. Maybe Hitler desided to use it because he felt he would need all the luck he could get. :rofl2:
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