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Mar 18, 2013
Jacksonville / Yulee Florida
If you are asking for permissions you absolutely need a professional looking business card. You want to portray the image that you are professional, experienced and knowledgable as opposed to looking like a yokel with a metal detector and a shovel. When I started presenting my business card, my permissions increased 80%.


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Maybe even some before/after pics,a google/yelp account others can leave reviews , anything to build some credibility. I had to do all the same when I did bee removals. Can’t let anyone tear your house apart.
When you are knocking on a door you are a salesman. Your product is you! There are many ways to do it. Confidence in your self is the most important part. So if a business card helps you that is great. I’m glad for your improvement in getting permission.
Now let’s see some good finds.😃
I use cards, post locally on our community facebook page and provide some historical info on the property of the items posted. Lucky I have a local forum already to tap into. Always say I'm local, saving history, willing to show finds and share. Some owners have seen previous posts I made so that's helped in spreading the word as well.
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