Belt Ideas Needed Please


Thanks for the video about your rig. I also use a T-handle shovel. Do you ever hang your shovel from that belt rig? If so, how? If not, do you just carry it? That's what I do now: detector in left arm, shovel in right hand, digger/pinpointer/etc. on belt.

You're welcome! Happy to help out. I love that T Handle, its great!

Nope, I never hang it from my belt, I carry it over my shoulder
in my left hand just like I do with my scoop in the water...


I use the above system and find it handy. It's light. I can suspend it from a trouser belt loop with a small carabiner or a pants belt or off my backpack or off a shoulder sling style belt. I use the holster area to hold a plastic sieve scoop, a loop for a plastic trowel, another loop will hold the Garrett carrot and it has a finds pouch with a drawstring for closure, with plastic securing slide.
In temperate climates I also use a photo journalist's vest with all sorts of interior and exterior pockets.
I use a Kellyco mesh bag or a large canvas sample bag for junk, depending on how much I'm encountering.
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Odd Question; Does anyone use something different than the typical belt, finds pouch and digger set up? I use a military grade belt with a Gray Ghost catch pouch, a small nylon bag for trash and a leather sheath for my hand digger.
At 64 years of age I have no hips and no butt anymore so as I walk the belt slides down. If I tighten the belt, this will hold everything in place better but when I kneel down it’s extremely uncomfortable.
So my question is does anyone use something that maybe goes across your body or some sort of belt with suspenders. I don't want to use a backpack that I’ll have to take off every time I dig a hole. I can't be the only "older" guy with this issue lol.
I would try a many pocket tactical vest. I love going vest
Just get you some suspenders, ~2 inches wide and clip onto your pants, thread your belt bag belt above the suspenders and off you go! KT has certain slick pants and shirts that he must wear suspenders with or without notice the Royal Bum will be exposed! HA HA KT also has no hip bones left to hang a belted pair of pants on either! But at 74, what can one expect?
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