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Discussions, Useful Information, Share Stories, Pictures, And Finds With The New Garrett AT Gold Detector.
30 7 35 0
09:28 PM
Discussion group for Tips/Tricks/Suggestions, and FINDS using your Nokta Makro Simplex+
1 1 1 0
09:26 PM
FMDF groups by State
Well I've been looking around at some MA groups and seems like no one participates very often. If you live in Massachusetts and metal detect, please join! Share finds, stories, photos, etc. Happy hunting!
23 2 19 2
08:15 PM
FMDF groups by State
This group is for fellow metal detectorists in the N.E. Kansas region of the state. Always searching for the next hot spot to search! Lets all get together and do some detecting.
123 1,721 10,841 1,374
09:40 AM
Thought the forum needed a group for users of ALL whites detectors to call home. Whether you swing a XVenture or a top of the line V3i all are welcome. If anyone has any input or questions on a whites detector feel free to post.
83 54 172 22
11:57 AM
Specialized Groups
This group is a place for all past and present military veterans to share ideas and talk about detecting in your part of the world. Please don't post in the group pictures as I want to keep the pictures of the service branches at the front. Posting pictures in the posts is fine. Thanks.
264 47 305 5
11:31 AM
International Groups
A group for those of us on the trail of treasure in the Land of the Rising Sun!
90 206 1,547 46
01:51 AM
Dirt Diggers
This group is for the enjoyment of coin shooters, collectors, and all coin addicts! A great place for coin identification, pricing, and research for any type of coinage. This is an extremely useful reference spot for every coin enthusious. Share your thoughts. All are welcome to join and start a discussion!
135 33 120 46
09:27 PM
FMDF groups by State
Metal Detectors of Northern NJ. If we seek we will find!
37 11 56 3
07:58 PM
FMDF groups by State
87 10 100 61
10:19 AM
FMDF groups by State
Anyone who swings a detector in California is welcome!
164 52 168 45
02:45 PM
FMDF groups by State
A place where people in Upstate New York can discus metal detecting, programs, places to hunt, get together,etc.
34 7 11 0
11:14 PM
FMDF groups by State
This group is for all of the Michigan Metal Detectorists to gather together to share knowledge. Let's talk about this great hobby in Great Lakes State!
118 32 200 10
12:06 PM
Specialized Groups
A group where coin roll hunters can discuss finds and stratagies.
92 6 95 43
10:44 PM
A place to share tips, stories, ideas and more.
88 5 11 16
10:46 AM
FMDF groups by State
This is for the hunters in the South Jersey, SE Pennsylvania and Delaware areas. Make new friends, find a hunting buddy, list places that show promise and maybe even organize some group hunts...
204 57 680 30
06:20 PM
Specialized Groups
This group is open to all Christian denominations to share their treasures and share our faith in the Lord.
48 24 80 28
10:54 PM
Hunting all beaches Florida and just relics hunting.
18 3 17 1
07:54 AM
Specialized Groups
If you've found a US Silver Dollar 1935 or earlier you're welcome to join us. Trade dollars and 8 Reales are also welcome. If you've found a 90% Silver Dollar 1935 or earlier and would like to join the SDC, welcome to the club.
85 35 117 76
01:48 PM
Specialized Groups
A place for Ham Radio Operators that are also MDer's to discuss MDing, Ham Radio, or anything that comes to mind and maybe make new friends.
28 18 48 0
11:35 AM
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