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Discussion on Garretts newest detector.
768 249 1,753 223
10:37 AM
Specialized Groups
This group is a place for all past and present military veterans to share ideas and talk about detecting in your part of the world. Please don't post in the group pictures as I want to keep the pictures of the service branches at the front. Posting pictures in the posts is fine. Thanks.
264 47 305 5
10:31 AM
A group for those of us that use the Ace 250 to share stories,pictures of finds,and discuss different strategies when coin/relic hunting with the 250.
239 36 222 41
11:57 AM
FMDF groups by State
This is for the hunters in the South Jersey, SE Pennsylvania and Delaware areas. Make new friends, find a hunting buddy, list places that show promise and maybe even organize some group hunts...
205 57 680 30
05:20 PM
FMDF groups by State
Discovering the people and the history of Kansas, one find at a time! The FMDF Kansas Hunters social group has been started so that all group members can have a place to communicate, plan and organize hunt's and get togethers with each other without dominating or disrupting the forum. Kansas Hunters are a very active and friendly group of detectorist from in and around the state. We would love to have your input as well as take advantage of this opportunity to invite you to become a member of our social group and we want you to feel welcome to attend any of the planned hunts. FMDF Kansas Hunters are always more than happy to meet new people and make new friends. But most of all we just like to hunt.
183 172 1,064 42
01:28 PM
Do you have a Tesoro? Let's share tips.
171 53 200 2
08:32 PM
FMDF groups by State
Anyone who swings a detector in California is welcome!
164 52 168 45
01:45 PM
Beach Hunting
161 23 144 11
09:13 PM
A place to discuss and share tips, experiences and finds with the E-trac.
155 36 181 2
08:05 PM
FMDF groups by State
For anyone in or around the Show Me State to share information, make plans for group hunts or just to meet other fellow Missourians..
153 102 444 20
10:49 PM
FMDF groups by State
151 63 251 20
02:58 AM
Discussion on Bounty Hunter Detectors. These are typically considered 'beginners' detectors.
151 37 145 72
03:00 PM
Specialized Groups
a group for sharing ideas , strategies and pictures of finds made at cellar holes and old foundation hunts
150 3 167 922
03:27 PM
FMDF groups by State
For the purpose of communication and sharing of information and finds in the Buckeye State!
147 50 365 11
09:08 PM
Club of Fisher F2 owners to share tips, finds, helpful information about the Fisher F2.
139 43 431 28
07:22 PM
Dirt Diggers
This group is for the enjoyment of coin shooters, collectors, and all coin addicts! A great place for coin identification, pricing, and research for any type of coinage. This is an extremely useful reference spot for every coin enthusious. Share your thoughts. All are welcome to join and start a discussion!
136 33 120 46
08:27 PM
Specialized Groups
This group is for those who love headstamps, find headstamps or are just curious about them. In this case, the term "headstamp" refers to the brass shotshell head off of the old paper hulled shotshells. Bullet casing lovers and all brass shotshell fans are also encouraged to join in on the fun.
133 99 454 87
03:21 PM
FMDF groups by State
A home for those folks in the North Texas & Dallas/Fort Worth area to meet & greet, plan group activities etc.
129 99 717 36
06:37 PM
FMDF groups by State
This group is for fellow metal detectorists in the N.E. Kansas region of the state. Always searching for the next hot spot to search! Lets all get together and do some detecting.
124 1,722 10,842 1,374
07:41 AM
FMDF groups by State
The New England Metal Detecting Group
122 14 50 125
09:33 PM
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