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by TrashMasterCCS
04-22-2017 12:06 PM
Recent number averaging experience
Hey guys. Thought I'd share my first "averaging" experience yesterday. I'm running an F75, FA, 70...
04-23-2017 10:12 AM
by Darktower007
04-22-2017 06:56 PM
Question on silver hunting
Where are they!! lol :laughing: Well I found a church that I know the ground keepers at by pure...
04-23-2017 09:11 AM
04-19-2017 07:15 PM
Getting a Nel Sharpshooter coil...
Doing some wheeling and dealing with Craig and I am getting a Sharpshooter coil soon. Don't really...
04-21-2017 10:48 AM
by Darktower007
04-18-2017 11:00 PM
I've mentioned this before and I'm sure you guys have done this but recently I looked every single...
04-20-2017 08:49 PM
by Darktower007
04-14-2017 07:26 PM
I thought this was pretty cool.Some info on your soil. You can enter your county and zoom in to...
04-15-2017 12:15 AM
by Darktower007
04-14-2017 11:04 AM
Interesting read from NASA TOM Nokta test vs F75,121626
04-14-2017 04:31 PM
by NCtoad
04-13-2017 08:02 PM
The F70 worked well at the beach
Took it to the beach this past weekend and was expecting to hear a lot of noise and falsing, but it...
04-14-2017 07:24 AM
04-12-2017 11:38 AM
More practice hunting in iron...
I discovered I have been missing things here and there and wrote that up in this other thread... ...
04-13-2017 11:43 PM
by TrashMasterCCS
03-09-2017 05:26 PM
A big thank you to Digger27!
A few days ago I asked Digger27 for advice using my F75. I haven't done horrible with it but my...
04-13-2017 11:20 PM
by Darktower007
04-12-2017 09:31 PM
Basket ball courts!
Man today sucked. I got done with work about 2. I'm in Gallatin TN near Nashville. In my travels I...
04-13-2017 12:08 AM

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