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A place for readers to share books amongst each other. Pulling a groups resources for the good of the community!
1 0 0 0
For anyone who was lucky enough to find any type of flowing hair cent! The first real coin made by the United States Federal Mint!
4 1 3 11
09:20 AM
A group for those fortunate enough to dig one of these awesome historical buttons of the founding father of our country and 1st US President
6 2 4 18
05:58 PM
just a bunch of youngins! Detecting and stuff
10 1 5 1
09:43 AM
A group designed for those who take metal detecting to the next level.....obsession!!
7 3 7 0
08:01 AM
This group is for those who find military buttons while detecting. People in this group can help identify your buttons and determine age. Buttons from all conflicts and countries are welcome to be posted. Lets see your finds!
33 5 7 34
01:21 PM
Electrolysis cleaning specific discussion and pics.
25 5 15 1
12:30 AM
Why is New England Detectors under my groups? Because their staff is courteous, extremely knowledgeable and I have received tremendous service every time I have ordered from them. For that reason, I proudly support New England Detectors.
27 4 17 2
04:54 PM
For anyone and everyone presently seeking or interested in detecting for gold in it's natural form. Post your finds, questions, and any other comments or concerns about nugget hunting here.
20 5 25 0
02:46 AM
If you're interested in the hobby of magnet fishing, feel free to join us! :D
44 4 29 1
03:07 PM
Thought it would be cool to have a place for everyone to show and tell about those great premiums they've found from the 30's, 40's, and 50's. Little Orphan Annie, Captain Midnight, Junior G-Men, Roy Rogers, Tom Mix, Dick Tracy, Buffalo Bill Jr, Buck Jones, and the list goes on. Please feel free to add pictures of your finds. Want to make this site informative also so if anyone wants to add something about a premium please post it.
28 22 32 22
08:54 PM
.......I would like this groups IF interested, to post what you like to collect from your MDing trips. Maybe you like Buttons, Hot Wheels, trinkets, square nails, pins, keys, tokens, etc., you get the picture.Just post your likes and as many of us eventually toss out the old finds, we could instead just send them to someone that would appreciate them. What do think? I hope we get some participation. Myself, I like finding and collecting tags from dog or cat collars ie: name tags, tax tags,vaccine tags etc. HH and lets get this rolling!
69 3 35 10
07:51 PM
A place for Ham Radio Operators that are also MDer's to discuss MDing, Ham Radio, or anything that comes to mind and maybe make new friends.
27 18 47 0
04:18 PM
This group was created to show off gold coins found by FMDF members. If you've found a gold coin and would like to join the GCC, please send us a private message.
34 16 67 45
08:24 PM
This group is open to all Christian denominations to share their treasures and share our faith in the Lord.
47 24 78 28
08:07 PM
Learn all about U.S. coins, their value, and history!
102 1 94 65
02:42 AM
A group where coin roll hunters can discuss finds and stratagies.
91 6 94 43
09:49 PM
If you've found a US Silver Dollar 1935 or earlier you're welcome to join us. Trade dollars and 8 Reales are also welcome. If you've found a 90% Silver Dollar 1935 or earlier and would like to join the SDC, welcome to the club.
83 34 116 78
09:50 AM
Treasure Hunting Discussion for Teens and younger.
37 2 133 23
07:58 PM
a group for sharing ideas , strategies and pictures of finds made at cellar holes and old foundation hunts
147 3 167 922
03:27 PM
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