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Old 06-01-2020, 06:54 PM
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Default WINNER ANNOUNCED! Guess the Dice Roll to Win the Love Token.All guesses have to be posted by 8 pm Saturday June 6th

We need a contest!

Here's a simple diversion from a sometimes turbulent world.

This will be a simple dice roll. My son will roll 5 dice. Guess the total value of the 5 dice to win. The winning roll will take place on Saturday June 6th at 9pm MST. All guesses have to be posted by 8 pm Saturday June 6th. If your guess posts at 8:01 MST on Saturday June 6th, it will not count.

Closest, without going over, wins. Please check the prior posts to make sure you do not pick the same total as someone else. Guessing a duplicate final dice total will make you ineligible to win. Only one guess per member! Edits to your post will disqualify your entry.!

There are obviously number totals that are more probable to come up. Those who frequent this site, and see this post first, will be at an advantage of being able to guess one of those more probable totals. Remember, don't pick a number already posted, and do not edit your post. Both will render your guess invalid.

This site has been so valuable to me. Just a way to give back!

Winner will receive this 1887 Seated Dime Love Token! I went through my collection to find something interesting.

Use this format:


Guess now! Good Luck!

**This is my contest. I make the rules. Any unforseen circumstances will be ruled on by me.** (I don't anticipate any problems)
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