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Old 12-04-2013, 01:31 AM
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Check it for hot self pics, take the memory card, dump phone in a Goodwill drop-off.
I never find good phones though. Usually a Cricket phone with a cracked screen and a bunch of pics of a 1987 Chrysler LeBaron occupied by someone's fat granny.
As far as pics of drugs, who cares? Report it to the police? Seriously? Let he among you who is without sin cast the first phone.
I have found 10-20 pot pipes over the years. I can assure you none of them have gone to the police.

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Old 12-04-2013, 12:05 PM
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That also goes for disposing of your own phone. You should either remove the smart card or at least run a good secure erase.

Just because you delete your pictures doesn't mean they can't be recovered. There's plenty of software out there for retrieving erased images and data. Programs like CardRecovery can retrieve images that are years old, depending on if the memory locations have been rewritten or not.

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Old 02-20-2014, 02:39 PM
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Last year I found a cell phone by a roadside parking area on a wooded country road. The battery still had some life to it, so I powered it on to see if I could determine the owner.

Based on the photos on the phone, it belonged to a teenage girl; I called the number on the contact list labeled "Mom" and told her that I had found her daughter's phone. She said they had been looking everywhere for it, so I met her at a local coffee shop to return it.

When I told the mother where I had found her daughter's phone, she said she didn't know why it would have been dropped there. Hmm - I think I can guess...
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