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Old 02-15-2020, 06:06 PM
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Default Love new permissions...Silver Quarter and a token with some cool history behind it!

The other day I scored a new home permission in my neighborhood and only hunted a few minutes but I still scored a nice Walker.
Story here...

Today I went back and stayed a few hours.
A lot of junk, some modern coins, a few wheats and then a nice silver quarter popped up.
Maybe all this lawn has is the bigger coins when it comes to silver...which won't make me sad.
Our dirt is so weird I could hunt this site 50 times and still find good stuff because targets in my devil dirt seem to take on master Ninja abilities but never give up, never surrender is my motto.
Three wheats, one was just dirty, one was starting to turn green and the last one has that beautiful deep green patina we all seem to love so well.

Walking home I hit some curb strips on the same block and found this token which has some great history behind it.


Only the second one I have found and I learned about these special tokens a few years ago.
Same size as a buffalo nickel, it was used in special vending machines that were very popular in the 20's and 30's that dispensed gum and mints but in reality they were actually an early form of illegal slot machines.

Story here if you want to read about the interesting history of these things...

My first one was just a ring with no center, this one is brass with probably a steel center which rusted pretty good and started to bleed out to the end but I cleaned it well enough to figure out what it was.

Another cool piece of history rescued!
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