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Hey all --

I just wanted to give everyone here an update...

Squishy started this thread back in November 2010. People started joining the Group and we started helping more & more people find their lost stuff. Even as we continued to grow, a lot of folks figured we were just the latest novelty, and that after a while everyone would lose interest and we'd just fade away, never to be heard from again... Well, it's been almost 3 years now and that didn't happen!!!

As of today we have 1749 members in 16 countries! On the average we receive reports for 10-20 lost items a month, we generally have members available to search for 60% of the lost items reported to us, and we've found over half the items we've searched for!

We've adjusted our Report system so our members only receive reports about lost items that are lost in the areas they actually care about. (Members can select to receive reports for any countries or states in the world, or they can select to receive only reports for items lost within a certain distance of their home, whatever works best for them). We've made it possible for members to download copies of lost item reports 24/7, and we've also made it such that members can have copies of lost item reports emailed to their mobile phones if they want. Yes, we've come a long way!!!

Whether you're members of our Group or not, you're all welcome to check us out on our website at

We also have a facebook page at

Thanks everyone for helping us grow!!!

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