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Default Need help - Lost ring at Lauderdale Beach with coordinates

I was just emailed through craigslist on an ad I had up for my Dual Field by a gentleman named Andy asking to borrow my df or if I could help recover a friends ring that was just lost. I let him know that I just dropped off my df at FedEx and my EQ800 won't be here till Monday

I mentioned I could post it on the forum and he was very happy about that and offered to meet anyone there tomorrow. Here is the Email as well as the google maps coordinates.

Hey, that would be awesome! Here is the pin for Google maps. I could meet someone at the beach tomorrow morning to help. My email is it's tungsten carbide if that matters.

****Email Andy or pm me and I or He will send you the coordinates for google maps**** (I removed it from here just to be safe)


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