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Default Re: When things just don't add up


My guess is some sort of Olympic metal. Its hard to see from my picture but there is a hand holding a torch in the middle.

I'm thinking the older stuff is going to be much deeper. Fill dirt? Unfortunately I have the same situation at my parents house. Their house is the oldest house in dodge that I'm aware of. If you look at Dodge City's history they show a place called the Home of Stone as the oldest still standing house built in the 1880's, but my patents deed shows their house was built in 1848.

Technically my parents house was a farm house when Dodge City was founded in 1871 because it was outside of the city at that time now its almost in the center of town. Anyway when my parents bought the house in the early 70's(Just about the time I started metal detecting) we brought in 10" of fill dirt to build the yards up. I've had the exact same results. Nothing really old that would indicate its age.

Oddly enough I did find a small cache of German coins from the 40's in the back yard.

I didn't get a chance to re-hunt my neighbors house this weekend because my nephew is wanting to buy a detector and he asked me to come to Bucklin(small town about 30 miles from dodge) and show him how they work.

The real treasure is in the hunt....

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