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Default Re: When things just don't add up

I can relate to what your saying Detector. I hunted the yard of a 1772 house and the same thing happened to me.
The owner of the house said the house has always been in the family and to the best of her knowledge it has never been hunted.
The earliest I found was a 1935 Buffalo Nickel, a 1963 penny is the earliest date of all the rest of the change.
The soil was very loose and sandy and all the clad was found between two and six inches deep, that seems a little deep for clad to me.
I?m thinking the soil was so loose and soft all the good stuff had sunk into the ground so deep it was out of my detector range. Now I purchased a DFX the property has sold and the new owner won?t grant permission to hunt so I guess I?ll never know.

You did well even if there wasn?t any 1800s coins,
DirtDigger (New Hampshire)
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