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Default When things just don't add up

Its time to do some testing...

I spent about 30 minutes at my neighbors house last night and things just didn't add up. First off this is a house in an area where 1800's coins could/should be found but it is a house thats been hunted pretty hard. I know because a friend and I have hunted it more than once but I don't remember anything special being found. By nothing special I'm talking 1800's coins.

Now I realize you can never get it all and I guess thats what I was hoping when I took the DFX over. That and hoping the DFX would have an advantage over past detectors that hunted the place. My results were a bit surprising though. I can understand the 14k necklace and a very small heart but my coin finds makes no sense.

All coins were from the 30's, 40's and 50's. Whats not adding up here is that where are the missed coins pre-1930? I mean obviously if there are coins from the 30's, 40's and 50's missed then there must be earlier ones as well. I did noticed there was quite a lot of chatter from what I believe to be iron bottle caps but these coins rang out quite clear and were from 4-5" deep.

I think this is a good location to do some testing since its only one house down from mine. My first hunt was with the factory preset coins/jewelry so I think I'll try again with the Deep Silver(DP) and then the High Trash preset and see the results. Finally I will try a bit of my own custom settings and see if I can't squeeze out those older coins that just has to be there somewhere.

The real treasure is in the hunt....

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