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Default Rosie sings O Canada - sponsored by Shell.

From the land of the pulltabs.

Finally started some heavy detecting of some property three houses down. Guy gave me permission last October, finally got around to it

Finished searching most of the backyard yesterday and ended up with about a dozen or so pennies (two wheaties (1954-D & 1955-D)) along with two nickels and a Canadian quarter, aye?

I also found a Shell MR. President Coin Game piece - I believe from 1968. Of course I found plenty of pulltabs also

Tried the front today for about an hour - instead of finding pulltabs I was finding rusted beer and pop tops :P

Then I started finding one stinking penny after another, the pennies were ringing up anywhere from a penny to a half dollar *ugh*. I then had a reading that fell between the penny and dime. Up pops a 1949-D Rosie Ended up finding a clad dime, clad quarter and a few more pennies. Soil bone dry around here - I hate digging up dust. His lawn is in pretty bad shape (his words, and so true) so I really can't do much damage pluggin in bone dry conditions.

I think the total haul so far is 26 pennies (2 being wheaties), 2 quarters (1 canadian, 1 clad), 2 dimes (1 rosie) and 2 nickels. As with the other people's property I detect - they get the clad, I get any silver and wheaties. So far the clad total($$ wise) has surpassed the amount of silver and wheaties I find
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