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Originally Posted by georgeinsc View post
I have noticed that there are people who will ask advice and after lots of good advice then go an purchase the item. They believe the scammers and think that we just dont want them finding all that gold silver etd. I hope the gentleman takes our advice and stays away from those scams.

Good point. I have often wondered why people can read so much 'dissing of dowsing or LRL's myself. I guess it's the human nature to "hold out hope", lest you be "left out".

Back in the early 1990s, I did a trip to Mexico , where my host had assured me lots of treasures were in his high mountain Sierra Madre village. After hearing all the tales, I figured that metal detectors should make child's play out of finding some treasure !

In the months that led up to our departure, we developed a common pot of money to cover all the expenses, buy the supplies that would be needed, etc.... He came to me with a treasure magazine ad for a battery powered LRL. He wanted us to invest in it. The ad was pretty impressive, showing dudes posed next to jars of coins they found from "a mile away", blah blah. At first I just poo-poo'd it and told him it was a snake-oil scam.

But he would not be dissuaded ! He was swoon by the ads. And apparently had seen people in his native Mexico who dowsed, and swore by it. Therefore he couldn't understand how an ad would be allowed in the magazine, if it weren't legitimate. It took me a LONG time to dissuade him, and all-the-while, I saw what you are talking about, that even-in-spite of counter-evidence, some people will still go out and willingly buy these contraptions. Crazy.
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