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Originally Posted by DIGGER27 View post
.... Let me make a will spend your money and become very disillusioned, you will find there is no machine out there like these that can find you treasure hidden in the ground like they say they can, you will complain to the dealer that sells you any of these types of "Treasure Finders", and if they even want to talk to you after they steal your money they will tell you you just don't know how to use the thing...your fault, not theirs, or....
Loved your post digger-27. I can tell you've "seen this before", as have I. Yup, it's NEVER that the "devices don't work". It's ALWAYS because the user "needs more practice", blah blah . Right ?

Originally Posted by eackard View post
Tom, most people say that the treasures are less than 180 cm in any way that .....

Which is ~6 ft. Which is the often-parroted line of how deep supposed treasures are. So when I said "6 to 9 meters", I predicted what you are chasing. Because it is so-often repeated. Typically coming from Latin american countries or the Phillipines. Where treasure lore abounds. All of which are, of course, insanely deep.

For starters, I'm convinced that all the stories are just embellished camp-fire legend (yet sound SSeeeooo good. Because none of us wants to be "left out", so we fail to apply skeptical scrutiny).

And this supposed necessity of being insanely deep never makes any sense. Because put yourself in the shoes of the person who is going to bury a treasure: It is EQUALLY AS HIDDEN whether it's 1 ft. deep, or 6 ft. deep. Right ? Burying it deeper does not hide it any better, so long as the surface is covered back over, and stomped and fluffed up.

If you are really convinced there is a big-ticket treasure somewhere, simply get yourself a 2-box detector. Like a TM 808. They don't find objects smaller than soda cans (so they are the perfect discriminator for pesky small things like coins, tabs, nails, etc...). And will only find larger objects to respectable depths.
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