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Originally Posted by DIGGER27 View post
Stick two probes not too far into the the dirt and it has the magical ability to find silver, gold, copper, iron, caves, voids or even water at 50 feet, up to 200 feet if you opt for two more probes that can spread out the range which I can guarantee you are not going to be cheap accessories.
All of this for only $8,000 to $10,000 USD.

Think about that.
Plus the fact that there are absolutely no reviews that I can find on this tool anywhere on the net or opinions on how well it works except those stated on the manufacturer's website.
That alone would give me pause before I dropped a bundle on this thing.
This company will definitely be very efficient at accepting your money as will all their dealers around the world.

Stop, take a breath and as I said think about all that...then think about that again using common sense.
You should eventually come to the correct conclusion.
Yea Iam almost convinced that no to buy that device, but it not necesariy will give you information i f is gold, silver or copper, there is not detector that can do that at the moment, but in a ground where there is not any trash of metals just minerals maybe could work to find treasures, avoiding minerals and that the device notice any metal buried, the device cost is 4.990 + shipping 450 I will add an image of what can it find according the manual...

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