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Default Out East we go ....

Another trip out east I went! Took my yearly drive with my amazing wife and Sonya from Team XP to a small town right outside Hershey Pa...ya the chocolate [emoji515] place . Trip was amazing like always..KGís, Largies and relics were saved again as always and was able to spend the day with some awesome people. Also dug my first ox knob and this mystery camel button which many believe it was for the confederate Army Corp for the civil war that never happened but was a thing...ya strange to me also ..but many articles na out the confederate army buying camels to use in the war. My theory itís a late 1800ís Sportsmanís button.
Was able to detect when my buddy Brian from Diggers Den to Shawn Sherrill from old Team Whites now Team Garrett. We smoked a few sites and shared many stories. I encourage to get to know people here..engage and travel to meet and save history! You guys and ladies are amazing people in our community...enjoy

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