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Originally Posted by ScubaDetector View post
LOL hunt with a cell phone? WHY. Are you not allowed as few hours to yourself without the chance of an interuption? I HATE my cell phone and it would be drowned if I didn't need it.

I refuse to be bothered and I am GLAD they don't work underwater when I am diving.

On a serious note. I was diving 160 miles away from home when my parents were killed by a guy on drugs. I got the news when I got home and then flew from Utah to Michigan the next day to be there for the viewing and the funeral. NOTHING is that important in life to have to have a cell with you 24/7 IMHO.

NOTHING in this whole world is more important than the peace I can have a few hours underwater with absolutly NO distractions and God's miracles all around me.
Wish I could do what you do but I am oncall 24x7 and need to keep it with me. I have never had problems with either an iphone or Galaxy S3 and interruption with the F2, AT Pro, or Etrac.

Fisher F4

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