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All that garbage was put on the books to keep the lease holders honest, it only applies to the 1715 "Treasure cost beaches".

Anything you find between the toe of the dune and the low tide line is fair game regardless of how old it may or may not be.

DO NOT get caught in the water with a detector in the "Treasure Coast" lease areas, the FEDS & Staties love nothing more than to jail you and everything you brought with you to the beach.

But your finds are yours in the dune toe to the low tide line~period.

If you happen to get lucky while swingin the beeper down Wabasso way and dig a silver Reale (or other goodies) it's yours.

As for the rest of the state, I don't see no date on it.
If they ever do get that picky I will personally send in every pop tab, foil bit, beer bottle top, and condiment package I find.
After all they didn't have dates on them so best to send them in!

Seriously though the only place it applies too you better not get caught with the beeper in the surf anyway.

~~Happy Hunting~~


Beeping...Why is it Beeping!~~Not Another Beer Can!!
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