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I agree that this is an unjust law. The topic seems to come up a lot on the metal detecting forums, but I have never seen a discussion about anyone doing anything to try to change the laws. There has to be a an option other than live with an unjust law or breaking it. We should be able to change it.

I realize that the metal detecting community is not large compared to the overall population, but it appears to be a handful of academics and State archeologists that have gotten these laws passed. Seems that a small group of determined people could get these laws changed.

Among those of us who complain about these many of us have ever written to or called out representatives? I know I haven't.

From what I have read, in Europe, they are required to turn these finds in, but they are compensated for them once the value is determined. Granted, the assessed value appears to be considerably less than their actual value, but at least they have a system that allows people to find and preserve the historic items and provides some compensation to the finder. Maybe we could get laws more like that.

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