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Originally Posted by TR Mook View post
You said "former neighbor" in the original post. Now you mention the word "friend." Once you call him a friend it changes the game. I'd give it back if he's really a friend. Don't give it to the woman. Give it to the dude and chalk up those karma points. If I've learned anything from My Name is Earl, you'll find gold in the park the next day.
well put....but my thing is this....Did your friend tell you he would like it back and thats why he told you to search for it? Or was he telling you so you can find a nice piece of jewelry? You friend might be at a point where he doesn't want anything that has any ties to his ex. The ring's not gonna have any sentimental value obviously so he was probably just telling you for your enjoyment. If anything just hang on to it and if he stops by and asks about it....then I say give it to HIM. He might be generous and reward you or maybe just some good karma will be enlightened in your next hunt. The choice is yours bud!

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