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Thumbs up UPDATE, UPDATE,UPDATE!! Woooo Hooooo

...hi folks. I just returned from a mini vacation and Wooo Hooo; I found in my mail box the 'Advertised Reward" as stated by the owner's of the lost Platinum ring at Sand Harbor last week. True to his word,the letter sat waiting for my bride's and my return. Never let is be said that good deeds go unrewarded or that Karma is bunk! As you read in my original post, the couple was very appreciative and VERY DESERVING of having their wedding ring returned. They are very stand up citizens for sure. My hat is off you to and yours Gerard ....... !!! Be well and a Ginormous Thank You too!........... Jan & Kerry PS... Thanks also for all the kind words from my many friends here on the FMDF! .....Jan

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