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I thought id recoqnised the mention of this mettallic spinner which spelled out the initials , sort of like those charms youd have seen maybe 30 years ago that had weird patterns but when it spun would spell out I Love you.

Id seen it mentioned a while back on another it the same ..i dont know.

However im going to put this one to bed.We've waited 24 hours or so.It doesnt surprise me that the "treasure" is in a built up area at all , my own personal scammer tells me the same thing.
Initially investers are sought,theres always one that might just fall for it.
My pet scammer wanted 200k to buy the property outright , in the space of a day that dropped to 30k.
Is this one a scam? Id say so , difference being these guys are forging documents which could really land them in some hot water.
If its not forged a speedy explanation would be extremely wise as leaving photo ids laying about on a link from the website was silly , linking those to a FBI site was even sillier..never quite know whos attention you have on the net.