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I am in Duluth, MN.

It's an iPhone not sure if there's a card in it but everything is so cryptic on it.
Unfortunately calling was no use - it was on vibrate and buried dropped in fresh snow (we got over a foot that night and this was the morning after that snow so a fresh 1+ Of snow.

Lost around 10 am. Phone was still on at 6 pm after neighbor plowed driveway so I dont think it was run over/destroyed, by 8 pm phone was dead (which I expected).

Other neighbor across the street said she found a phone in her yard in march, plugged it in and it worked so I am holding out hope!

I am VERY new to this. Metal detecting for the first time.
Any advice you can give relating to the settings or how to use in these conditions would be appreciated (nothing is too obvious!)

Depth: unknown (6-18 in snow?), but could be in snow bank (deeper possibly)
Unit: Ace 250 (renting it :-(
Experience metal detecting: 5 minutes
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