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Unhappy Lost Cell Phone - Snow :-(

Big snowstorm yesterday here in Minnesota. I lost my cell phone, which is bad enough considering the cost but it is the pictures that are irreplaceable.

I am new to metal detecting and I rented one, but I have a feeling there is a lot more to it than just turning it on.

The model I rented is a Garret Ace-250.

How do I set it up ideally to find a phone in snow? The phone is in my yard area, I am guessing in 1-2.5 feet of snow.

I have a feeling it will be more than just the 1 day rental I will need.

I know the phone has magnetic/ferrous components for speaker, I believe the casing material is aluminum. I think there's some copper also in the circuitry, not sure what else. It is inside a heavy plastic case.

The Garret Ace-250 detector as many of you may know is setup for coins. It has iron, foil, gold and bronze and silver in the menu, different coin sizes and depth, sensitivity selections.

Which of these is most cell-phone like?
Any tips or advice?
I would really like to learn. I am willing to put some time and effort into this.

I am optimistic the phone is in somewhat working condition because even 6 hrs after I estimate to have lost it it rang instead of going straight to voicemail. My hope is to find it, I may still need a new phone but hopefully I can find it in good enough condition to salvage some of the data. All of my pictures and special memories on it, and I didn't know how to do the backup so I (stupidly) am now hurting and very sad over it.

It is as all digital, but it is as if I lost all of my family photo albums in a fire or something. I am Very sad about it.

How deep of snow can these go in?
Particularly w/snow? For instance it has depth indicators but I am assuming it is thinking you are searching in the dirt, not snow (does it make a difference?)

Any and all help is appreciated - you can also email me at woodgolf at

If someone is willing to help me find I am also willing to help cover gas, meals, provide cookies/hot cocoa and also help out with the hunt in any way I can.
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