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Originally Posted by ScubaDetector View post
LOL this topic is as bad as politics, religion, hunting graveyards, and trespassing.


Do what YOU feel is right. Do NOT judge others for doing what THEY feel is right.

YOU and ONLY you can decide how you want to handle the situation.

I return all I can. I have FRIENDS that do NOT. I REFUSE to judge them and they stay my friends.

VERY SIMPLE SOLUTION. All you people that judge need to learn to tolerate others views. PERIOD
I agree!! That being said, i think its noble of the people who try to find an owner!!
To all the judgers.......hypothetically ask yourself where do you draw the line? Keep in mind the owner of that silver coin you found on a private site, might be located by doing the research of that sites previous owners. If any of you judgers havnt done that.....i hope you have crow seasoning

At pro, tracker II, desire to find

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