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Default A few good ones tonight...

With the lack of rain around here the ground is getting rather hard.
Putting curb strips, and private permissions on hold till we get some decent percipatation..
I hit a vacant lot this evening, where a house burnt down last winter.the lot has mature oak trees and half the lot, is mowed
(For Skeeter control) by the next door neighbor.
The actual owner of the vacant lot has told me several times to detect there....
Maybe I should take my mower and mow the rest of the lot?
My results tonight.....
5 wheats, (208)
1936 GW (silver#56)
12 cents clad,.
(1965 clad dime)
with a Fu mint mark!!

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2018 totals; $138.35 clad; 351 wheats, 19IH, 82 silver coins, 3625 total coins dug

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