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Default Craigslist lost gold.

I'll try to make this as short as possible. about 6 months ago, an aquaintence at work was talking to his crew members about how his wife lost her wedding band while gardening and was really broke up about it. One of the crew members said " Hey! ask Bob if he can help. He goes metal detecting all the time." So he did...... We found the ring in about 20 minutes and he was thrilled! Well I remember the feeling I had, seeing the smile on his face, and started looking at craigs list lost and found for people who lost items and a couple of weeks ago, saw an ad from somebody who lost a wedding band out the window of a car while driving. Evidently, the husband, who had contracted MS from a tick bite, takes medication that causes his hands to swell. Six months ago, as he and his wife of 36 years where driving along, He was attempting to remove his ring from his swollen finger and when it finally slipped off, flew out the window of the car, I made arrangements to meet them and tried to find the ring. His wife got out of the car and we discussed about where the ring took fight. Her husband was unable to walk, so we started walking back to the area. We had walked about 1/2 a mile up the road and started detecting our way back. The side of the road was littered with so much trash, that my trash bag was getting full in no time. I figured that the ring couldn't have sunk more than an inch or two in six months, so I started passing on deep signals and only trying to recover strong, shallow signals to save time. We had alot of area to cover! Well, I it took about 3 hours to work our way back to the cars, with no luck. I think I was more dissappointed than they were! They thanked me very much for my efforts and couldn't believe a perfect stranger would do such a thing! While that made me feel pretty good, it wasn't a find.... We talked briefly after that and her husband said "I think the area is in that grassy area before that third house". That was way closer than where we had started (about a half mile away) and by that time, I was getting sloppy with my swing, passing on targets, etc. I am going to return today to give that area a good thorough hunt! Because of this man's disability, they had lost thier home, savings, everything and I hate for them to lose the most important thing to them! A symbol of thier marriage! I would love to email them and say "Guess what I found!". I am still trying to learn my Sovereign GT, so I think I will use my AT pro, which I am more proficient at. One funny note..... There was one found item that didn't make it into either my trash bag or finds bag..... A marijuana pipe! I could just imagine a cop stopping to see what I was doing and............ LOL
Wish me luck!

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