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Originally Posted by 007tallguy View post
i see numerous threads about people finding and returning lost cell phones.
something to think about before you make any attempts to return a lost phone to the owner:
i know someone who recently found a lost cellphone. this was an eyeball find, not a detecting find. anyway, he managed to get the phone working and as we all know, todays phones also have cameras built in. he looked through some of the photos that were stored on the phone and to his surprise: pics of cash, weapons and DRUGS!!
i strongly advised him not to make any attempt to contact the owner of that phone and turn it over to the authority's instead and let them deal with it! can the person (owner of the phone) be charged for having photos? maybe, maybe not, but if the owner is indeed a dealer of some sort, is he going to believe that you didn't see those pics? not likely!

IMO contacting someone like that would just be inviting trouble for yourself. let the police handle that sort of thing, they're getting paid for their services, we're not.

just my 2 cents regarding cell phones and some of the possible issues when finding them.........
Good advice.

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