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Originally Posted by fogcity View post
Sounds good Chicago -- Let me know how it goes so I can keep the website up to date...

If you do find it make sure to send a story and pics for me to post as a Success Story !!!

you are the lostmystuff host arent you?

Well he replied so I guess we do this later this week at his request. I will report the event and get him on tape using my ACE and a PP as he likes the idea that he can LOL. Might as well recruit him into the hobby.

Chief insisted on a background check ( shows him as a professional and looks like insurance is his business. Google Earth is looking good for North Aurora... so yea I got this one Fogcity.

Now let me say I think what you have set up here is not only useful to the general public but down right fun! Life is good for you and Cheif say "you make um good website"
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